The Warboys Papers


The village of Warboys is said to get its name from the french ‘vieux de bois’ literally the old man of the woods.

Sometimes Christianity seems to be confusing with many trees that can obscure the way. Hence the name the Warboys papers a guide for the non expert into the Christian life.

So here we hopefully see the wood for the trees, what are the basics? Am I really a Christian? Where do I learned what can I trust?

These and many more questions seem to be rarely addressed in many of our churches. On several occasions it has nee said to me, “I have been going to church all my life why haven’t I heard this before?”

The sad reality is fewer and few churches are telling it, opting for a softer “God is love for everyone approach” which sounds nice and very acceptable and is part of the truth. But only part of the truth.

Ask anyone what doctrine is and you might get some strange looks.

Even worse ask them what they know about theology and the looks might get even stranger. Except for professionals, by that I mean clergy, by and large these words hold no meaning whatever.

However they both relate to faith and that applies to everyone. We all have faith about lots of things. When turning on a light switch we have faith the light will come on. Usually it does on the odd occasion it does not and we have to act to rectify the matter and make sure it doesn’t happen next time. We may have faith that our train will arrive on time and often we are disappointed.

In a more serious note we might be ill and we have faith the doctor will correctly diagnose the problem and correctly treat the ailment. We may then have to have faith that the drugs will do what they are supposed to do.

So faith is very practical, we cannot live without it.

So why is a religious faith so unthinkable for many. Much of the blame can be laid at the feet of the church. By making everything so mysterious, by not empowering ordinary people, those people no longer see religion as having anything of relevance to themselves.

I’m this series I aim to demystify what many of the professionals have made greatly mystifying.

When we learn to read we start with simple words, not to belittle the reader but to make the reading clear so they learn to grow the words they know. Grow in their understanding and their appreciation of what they read. This series attempts to use that same process, to start where most people are and grow from there. I am afraid if you find me debunking some of your patiently held beliefs I am sorry but I do not apologise !the reality is often much simpler than we have been led to understand.

So where to start?

While we might not be comfortable with it everyone has a capacity to believe something about God. It has often been said ‘there are no atheists in the trenches’ in other words when things look desperate people will pray to a God they do not profess to believe in.

A friend of mine is happy to believe us God as he puts it ‘where’s the harm it is a good insurance policy’. Not an outstanding example of commuted faith but it is an example of many may not consciously consider. Then another friend who sometimes struggles with his faith said ‘sometimes I am not sure about God, but in those times when he doesn’t seem very real I realise I am very happy with the life I have and wouldn’t have it any other way.

So where to start - God

Does God exist? Proving that might not be possible and certainly if anybody wants to argue they will not, in my experience, be persuaded by argument. For most of us it seems experience is the only way to convince and this is a major hurdle for modern people. We have grown up in an age where we expect irrefutable evidence and Many do not see that for God. So what can we do? The only answer is try it. Try a prayer, see what happens. Please do not ask to become a millionaire overnight, but ask God for some peace over something that disturbs you or for a family member in trouble.

Ask a small prayer and then see what happens, with an open heart and an open mind look to see what happens you will be amazed.

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